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Traffic source

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The sources of traffic are the places from which the traffic that is brought to the different cpa offers arises, there are currently multiple sources of traffic. The traffic comes to be the number of people who visit your website on the Internet and visits can be from a pc, mobile, tablet, laptop.

To know where the traffic coming from a certain page comes from, multiple tools are used, which track all visits and generate visitor statistics each time they arrive at a page through the advertising that was made of a product.

Without the tracking tools, it would not be possible to know where the traffic comes from and whether or not people like the product that is being promoted, allowing optimization of advertising through cpc or cost per click, which results in savings of money in advertising.

The most used traffic sources are facebook, youtube, twitter, linkedin, instagram, google adwords, bing, email, etc.

With these sources of traffic and with media buys it is possible to achieve many sales, as long as things are done well to generate a high return on investment (ROI).


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