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Contextual Advertising

 Contextual advertising is a type of segmented advertising that reaches the interested public in different ways, such as image ads, text ads or videos. This system performs a tracking of the page and shows those ads for products or services according to the words contained in it.

Contextual and segmented advertising allows you to place text ads, images or videos on websites where the product is discussed, or blogs where the topics are related to the services or products you want to advertise.

This advertising can be very effective, since the people who read the blog are, for example, the people who already own the product offered in which case they could sell accessories for them, or who are learning about it.

Contextual advertising generates a quick exposure of the tag on a large number of websites, but only pays for the clicks that are effectively redirected to your website. That is, one does not pay for the number of impressions of advertising, but for the number of clicks made on the add-on by potential customers.

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