CPA Marketing

The Advertiser

The advertiser is any person or company that has or creates a physical or digital product, gets in touch with cpa networks to promote their products through affiliates. These people or companies pay a commission for each effective action that the affiliates receive, which may vary depending on the product. Advertisers have the advantage that Leer másThe Advertiser[…]

Web Design

Knowing how to create a good web design to make prospects click and buy that product that is being promoted is a very important part of the earnings with CPA. A good web design will make converting prospects into customers easier. But not only web design is important, you also have to know how to Leer másWeb Design[…]

Cost Per Action

the cost per action is the cost generated when a person performs a specific action within a cpa offer. Affiliates receive a commission each time someone performs the action required by the advertiser and this action can be, register by mail, buy something or click.